I was tired of riding the paved roads around Edmond so put together this gravel ride out of Cashion. It is a 28 mile loop of mostly well-groomed gravel and hard-packed dirt roads – perfect for a morning or evening loop on a gravel or mountain bike. The roads are fairly fast, the hills are fairly easy, and the scenery is fantastic. I parked at the only convenience store in Cashion and rode south from there one mile on pavement, then onto the dirt. The route has 4 total miles of pavement – have to get into and out of town some way! I was a bit worried about oil field traffic in the area, but I started at 6:30 am and while I did encounter some traffic, it wasn’t much and certainly a lot less than in an urban area.

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Started out from the Cashion convenience store at 6:30 am. Weather was overcast and perfect at 78 degrees.
The sky was awesome for pictures. I was a bit worried about rain but none appeared. Just a light wind to start which eventually dropped to no wind.
The area west of Cashion is a busy oil field play and I was a bit worried about heavy truck traffic.
Just couldn’t get enough of the early morning sunrise.
A large oil field battery was located about 5 miles into the route.
Several nice farm houses along the way – and a few that weren’t so nice.
Still plenty of agriculture in the area, but oil is the name of the game now.
I saw several of these pump trucks along the road. This one had been here a while. I think these are used to pump water for fracking operations, but this one has been sitting a spell so maybe it is broken?
Sure liking these 40c gravel tires. I ran them at 40 psi today. I usually pump them up to 60 psi on the pavement.
Another nice farm house on the route. Not many people out this early in the morning.
What an entrance to a farm house complex.
Most of the roads were well-graded gravel and hard-packed clay or limestone roads. This is one of the short stretches of pavement on the route. Very little sand on the route.
The route takes you past a large windmill farm. Oklahoma is energy – wind and oil!
By now I was working up a good sweat that was dripping down my nose.
There were a few ponds and cattle along the route.
There were a LOT of these all around – drilling like crazy. This is a busy oil field.
I finally turned north and the sun broke out briefly through the clouds.
I passed what I thought was a spike or nail in the road. It was just a dragonfly eating some type of insect. Pretty cool.
Several high voltage power lines cross the route. I have been up on these towers when I did photo work for electric utilities.
Gonna have to wash my Giant TCX when I get home. Sure do like these disk brakes and wide tires.
Dust coated everything, including my water bottles.
I passed over a few interesting creeks on the route.
This was my worry – large oil field trucks on the route. I passed a few but they slowed down to keep the dust down and were pretty nice and not too bad. I didn’t encounter near as many as I expected.
Lots of flowers of all types on the sides of the road.
Finally made it back to Cashion after a nice 28 mile ride.
It is always handy to have an armored personnel carrier around.
I’m gonna need to wash my bike when I get home.




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